WOD DEMO With CrossFit Advantage

Northwest Athletes Gear Up For Reagonals


Lani Fry Reclaims Her Life

- The CrossFit Journal

The visit was the push she needed to start focusing on her fitness. She contacted Cody Looney at CrossFit Advantage in Lynnwood, Washington, and began training…

Keys to Soaring Summer Revenue

- The CrossFit Journal

CrossFit Advantage’s average monthly revenue increase by 22% compared to that of previous months–and it’s not because its members forgot about the beach.

CrossFit Advantage Interns Start new UP Fitness Class

- University of Portland Beacon

Students from CrossFit Advantage start new “Pilot Fit” program at UP. “I did a lot of shadowing,” Carlos said. “I would shadow other coaches, take notes, and observe. Little by little they would have me start coaching different parts of the classes until eventually they had me coaching full classes.”

7 Reasons Why I Do CrossFit

- The Movement Fix

I have learned more about deadlifting, cleaning, snatching, and jerking from Coach Cody Looney (teaches for CrossFit Weightlifting) than is taught in a chiropractic program, medical program, physical therapy program, etc. By a mile.

CrossFit Advantage Ranked #5 Best Gym

- Seattle A List

“Best CrossFit gym in the Area! Coaching staff and the community can’t be beat!”
“No better CrossFit gym in the universe”

CrossFit Advantage Owner is Lululemon Ambassador

- Lululemon

Words I Live By: Life is a team sport. Listen more than you talk, give more than you take, and if you want more of something, give it away