Five for 5 Challenge | 04/08/2019

5 for 5 is back!

At CrossFit Advantage, we’re constantly challenging ourselves. Which is why we’re pleased to announce a community challenge that we are calling ‘5 for 5’.

We’re challenging our members to attend 5 classes a week, for 5 weeks.

The purpose of this challenge is to help you step up your fitness during the Spring season so you can have your FITTEST Summer EVER!

We encourage you to commit to taking on this challenge so you can feel the difference.

How to Participate

We want everyone to participate, so there is no cost to join the challenge. Here’s how to partake…

  1. Starting April 8th, show up and train at any CrossFit WOD, Mobility or Gymnastics class time.
  2. At the beginning of class (this means you need to be on time to the circle in order to get credit for the class), the Coach will provide you with a sticker. Add your sticker next to your name on the ‘5 for 5’ tracking sheet.
  3. Attend 5 days a week, adding your sticker each time you attend. Complete all 5 weeks and you will have completed the challenge!


  • Only one workout per day counts towards your 5 weekly workouts
  • You will only get one sticker to put toward your workout for the day. If you lose it, you’re out of luck
  • Eligible classes include any structured class, such as the daily WOD, Gymnastics, and Mobility.
  • If you’re going to be out of town, you CAN still participate. Do your workouts at any CrossFit Affiliate and take a photo. Be sure to tag @crossfitadvantage and pick up your stickers to add to the tracking sheet when you return.
  • If you are on a ‘Limited’ 3-Days per Week membership, you can upgrade to ‘Unlimited’ for the month of April and get the full 5 weeks of the challenge. To upgrade, email us here to let us know.

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