July 29th, 2018


Event Details

Date & Time

Sunday July 29th, 2018
First heat begins at 9:00 AM
Athlete Check-in: 7:00 - 7:45 AM


There will be limited parking on a first-come/first serve basis for spectators and competitors. Overflow parking may use the Albertson's parking lot located on the corner of Beverly Park Road and Mukilteo Speedway.


Spectators get in FREE!
We will provide spectator seating.
Invite friends and family to come out and join in on the festivities!

ways to participate


early bird special

register by july 1

get a free t-shirt


Per Team +Taxes & Fees


  • Two Competitors Per Team
  • Partner Must Be Same Gender
  • One Partner Must Be Member at CFA
  • Male/Female RX & Scaled Divisions
  • Prizes awarded to top 3 teams per division
  • Must be signed up by July 1 to receive T-shirt

This competition is the perfect way to get your feet wet in competition. Whether you’ve never competed before, or you’re a season veteran, an inhouse competition is a fun way to test yourself while surrounded by great friends in a familiar and amazing environment. We hope that every member of our gym will participate, no matter your skill level!


This event is not possible without the help of volunteers! If you’re able to participate for part of the day, or the full day, we need your help! To thank you for your participation, we have some perks that all our volunteers will receive.


  • Breakfast provided
  • Lunch provided
  • volunteer t-shirt
  • Must be signed up by July 1 to receive free shirt

volunteer positions available

  • Event Judge
  • AM Floater Event Judge
  • PM Floater Event Judge
  • Night-before Set-up
  • AM Set-up
  • PM Tear Down
  • Food Services
  • Merchandise Booth



frequently asked questions

We’ve provided quite a bit of helpful information within this Frequently Asked Questions menu, however you may have additional questions. If so, please leave a comment below

Defend The Den will include the “Hammer” Hero WOD, which is part of the Hero Challenge.

A “Floater” event will be available for competitors to complete during the day at their convenience. Competitors can have more than one attempt at this event.

There will be 2 additional events that will be released in the weeks leading up to the competition.

Heat times will be released in the week leading up to the event. Competitors will receive an email notification.

We strongly encourage athletes to compete in the RX division if they are able to complete most WODs as prescribed. Please only choose the scaled division if both you and your partner are unable to complete most day-to-day workouts as prescribed (RX).

Yes! If you’d like to do both, we’ll make sure your volunteering doesn’t interfere with your heat times.

Defend The Den requires a team of two athletes. Since this is an in-house throwdown, each team must have at least one athlete from CrossFit Advantage, however the second athlete can be anyone who wants to compete as long as they are qualified. Team mates must be the same gender (males with males, females with females) and able to compete in the same division (RX’d versus Scaled).

Your partner should be someone with a similar skill level to your own. If you regularly complete RX’d workouts, you should feel comfortable in the RX division. Please only choose the scaled division if both you and your partner are unable to complete most workouts as prescribed.

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