Cody Looney

Cody Looney | Owner & Coach

Cody is the owner and Head Coach of CrossFit Advantage. He spent 12 years as an Operator in the Military and has worked in the Strength and Conditioning industry for 14 years. He attended the CrossFit Level 1 Course and affiliated his gym in 2008.

Cody is a passionate teacher and educator. He specializes in coaching athletes and coaches how to teach, see, correct, and improve movement and performance. He has been featured in the CrossFit Journal and on CrossFit Radio, was the Media Director for the NW in 2011, was Master of Ceremonies at the NW Regional in 2012, and runs an Affiliate Leadership Course working with Coaches and Owners on their abilities and skills as gym owners. He also spent 3 years as the head Strength and Conditioning Coach for two local High School Basketball and Wrestling Programs.

Cody has been working with CrossFit Weightlifting since 2010 and has over 16,000 coaching hours. He currently leads Courses in the Northwest as well as around the world including Australia and Asia.

– CrossFit Weightlifting Lead Instructor and Regional Head Coach
– CrossFit Level 3 Trainer
– CrossFit Weightlifting
– CrossFit Advanced Weightlifting
– CrossFit Olympic Lifting
– CrossFit Mobility
– CrossFit Gymnastics
– CrossFit Kettlebell
– CrossFit Strongman
– CrossFit Competitor’s Course
– CrossFit Running
– CrossFit Scaling
– CrossFit Spot the Flaw
– CrossFit Anatomy
– CrossFit Lesson Planning
– CrossFit Kids

Kathryn Zollman | Coach

Kathryn was born and raised in Mukilteo, WA and was a collegiate swimmer for the University of Alaska Fairbanks. She and her husband, Danny, started doing CrossFit together after getting married in 2012. They joined the CFA community in 2013.

When she isn’t coaching, Kathryn loves working out at the gym, swimming (when she gets the chance), cooking or baking new recipes and chasing her two small kids. She is passionate about promoting fitness during pregnancy, and helps run a monthly workout geared toward experienced, new and future moms. Kathryn is so excited to be coaching at CFA!

– CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
– CrossFit Weightlifting

Bethany Hatfield | Coach

Bethany heard about CrossFit for the first time in 2013, from a friend who was attending CrossFit Advantage. “I listened to her gush over CFA, the coaches, the community, the movements, and how it made her feel. She seemed empowered by it and asked me to try it with her.” Bethany took her at her word and accepted when she was invited to join her for a class.

When first walking through the door, Bethany remembers seeing a group of very fit, athletic individuals grinding though the workout of the day. There were barbells flying overhead, loud music blaring and even louder cheers shouted. She recalls “It seemed tough, but you could tell each person was enjoying the struggle.” Shortly after viewing the class for a moment, Bethany was greeted by a friendly redhead, Matt Bendix (see coaches bio). He asked her name, if it was her first-time trying CrossFit, and assured her that she would have a blast. “The greeting made the somewhat intimidating environment seem less scary” she said. Seeing the combination of hard work, positivity and friendship, Bethany was immediately attracted to the sport and the atmosphere. Once she got started, she was hooked to that feeling of accomplishment from pushing her body past what she thought it was capable of.

“Since my first day, I’ve learned, and continue to learn so much about myself, others, health, and what it truly means to be fit”. “Whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete, there is always something to work on, something to learn and something to improve”. Now, as a coach herself, Bethany’s goal is to facilitate that same growth, and she can’t wait to help you discover what you are really capable of.

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” – Fred DeVito

– CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
– CrossFit Weightlifting
– CrossFit Advanced Weightlifting
– CrossFit Gymnastics
– CrossFit Kids

Bryson Riker | Coach

Bryson has always believed in living a healthy life by staying active and taking care of your body. He played many sports growing up, but his passion for fitness really began when he found CFA in 2012. He quickly realized that he would love to share that passion with others by coaching. One of his favorite things about coaching is seeing people improve daily. He loves to bring a big smile and a positive attitude every day he’s at the gym. Hunting, fishing, snowboarding and exploring this beautiful world with his dog, Kemosabe, are also major hobbies of his.
– CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
– CrossFit Weightlifting

Jamie Benedix | Coach

Jamie has always been active. She started with gymnastics, went to softball, then crew and ended with Rugby in college.

During her senior year, her father took her to his CrossFit gym on Thanksgiving morning. Jamie played Rugby and considered herself in great shape. “Oh boy was I wrong” she says. Jamie got more a workout that day than she expected, but says she earned every bite of Thanksgiving dinner that evening!

Jamie didn’t actually join a CrossFit gym until after graduating college. She realized she wasn’t very good at working out on her own and lacked motivation. Because of her Rugby days, she was used to working out with someone by her side and found it difficult to work out on her own with any intensity. “I remembered that Thanksgiving morning and wanted to replicate it.” she said. So she found CrossFit Advantage and has never looked back. Jamie now coaches CrossFit and Weightlifting classes at Advantage.

– CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
– CrossFit Weightlifting

Matthew Benedix | Coach

Matt grew up playing team sports like basketball, football and soccer. He also wrestled and has coached wrestling. Matt has been doing CrossFit since 2010 and coaching with CFA since 2012.

– CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
– CrossFit Weightlifting
Coach Jim Shepherd

Dr. Jim Shepherd | Physical Therapist & Coach

Jim’s initial exposure to CrossFit was treating injured athletes in his clinical practice as a physical therapist. From the other side of the fence he witnessed the proverbial fire that burns inside each athlete. Jim admired the devotion and commitment they were making to live a healthy lifestyle, especially as members of a society that is in a continuous struggle to find a healthier way to live. His curiosity eventually got the better of him and he started CrossFit in 2014. His only regret is that he wished he had done it sooner.

As a coach who has extensive background knowledge and experience with movement, biomechanics and rehabilitation of injuries, Jim brings a unique perspective to the table when he coaches or teaches the mobility class. Blending his perspective with being a CrossFit athlete lets him see potential movement faults and injuries from both sides. He sees it, he gets it and he is committed to helping each athlete become a better version of themselves while protecting their longevity and ability to continue to CrossFit for years to come.

– CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
– CrossFit Gymnastics
– CrossFit Weightlifting
– Doctorate of Physical Therapy
– APTA Orthopedic Certified Specialist
– NAIOMT Certified Manual Physical Therapist

Mike Bee

Dr. Mike Baginski | Physical Therapist

Prior to starting CrossFit, Mike was searching for a fitness program for long term health and wellness. He spent years dabbling with weight lifting, marathon running and cycling but always led to physical plateaus, apathy and repetitive injuries. In his search for something new, Mike first tired in CrossFit in 2009 and was immediately hooked with everything it had to offer. During that same time, Mike was starting his career as a physical therapist. By being able to train himself and treat CrossFit athletes early on helped him to specialize in manual orthopedics and sports rehab. Mike brings his clinical and CrossFit knowledge when teaching Mobility class to help athletes address specific movement faults for injury prevention and optimal performance. His passion is in educating and finding solutions so everyone can stay active for a lifetime.

– Doctor of Physical Therapy
– Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists

Jason Conover

Jason Conover | Coach

Jason truly believes that life is a team sport. He originally started coming to CrossFit classes for self-improvement, but it was the community that kept him coming back. As an athlete, Jason loves that the coaches seem truly invested in seeing him become the best version of himself. As a coach, Jason gets the opportunity to give that back. He is amazed by the positive changes people can make in their own lives with an hour of hard work and a take-control mentality.

– CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
– CrossFit Weightlifting
– CrossFit Gymnastics
– CPR Certified

Jacob Howard | Coach

Jacob grew up playing baseball. He loved the competition but always craved an outlet in an individual capacity. Jacob fell in love with fitness and strength training in school. He was introduced to the Olympic movements in middle school and high school. “They always stuck with me through the years. The globo-gym bodybuilding sessions that eventually brought me to CrossFit.” In 2012, Jacob took the plunge when a close friend started CrossFit and loved it. Since then, Jacob has continued to focus on Olympic style weightlifting and actively competes whenever possible.

– USAW Level 1

Stephanie Langdon | Coach

Stephanie played team sports throughout high school and college. She started CrossFit because she wanted to work out in a team environment and fell in love with the barbell.

She enjoys learning about the limits of our bodies, and testing herself in Weightlifting, CrossFit, and Yoga. Stephanie loves competition. Weightlifting lets her compete against others and most importantly, herself.

– USAW Level 1
– CPR/First Aid

Evelyn Bell | Coach

Evelyn comes mostly from a swimming background. She swam competitively on high school and club teams where she specialized in long distance races. She then tried her hand at water polo in college. She has tried to keep a connection with the water through triathlons, open water swim races, and scuba diving.
Evelyn first tried CrossFit when a friend invited her to CFA in 2014 and became enthralled by it immediately. She enjoyed the constantly varied movements and the judgement free zone that is characteristic of most CrossFit communities. She loves how this sport builds and develops not only healthy bodies but healthy minds and friendships as well. 
When she can, Evelyn enjoys traveling, attending music shows, puzzles, and eating tacos.
– CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
– CrossFit Weightlifting

Joe Mills

Joe came to the gym in July 2017,  looking a place to become healthy and learn how to work out (after realizing he lacked the motivation to work out independently). What he found was so much more. Joe found a community and support system that has helped him grow as a person and become an athlete.

“After stopping in CrossFit Advantage and meeting Sarah and Cody, I knew it is where I wanted to be,” says Joe. “In my time at CFA, I have found a true passion for CrossFit, nutrition, and weightlifting”.  He feels empowered and challenged each day to do things he fears; to fight a little harder to be a better version of himself. Now, working with others, Joe hopes to demonstrate his passion for the sport and for the community at CrossFit Advantage, and looks forward to watching them grow as athletes and people!

– CrossFit Level 1 Trainer