Cody Looney
CrossFit Level 3 Trainer | Owner
Cody is the owner and Head Coach of CrossFit Advantage. He spent 12 years as an Operator in the Military and has worked in the Strength and Conditioning industry for 14 years. He attended the CrossFit Level 1 Course and affiliated his gym in 2008.

Cody is a passionate teacher and educator. He specializes in coaching athletes and coaches how to teach, see, correct, and improve movement and performance. He has been featured in the CrossFit Journal and on CrossFit Radio, was the Media Director for the NW in 2011, was Master of Ceremonies at the NW Regional in 2012, and runs an Affiliate Leadership Course working with Coaches and Owners on their abilities and skills as gym owners. He also spent 3 years as the head Strength and Conditioning Coach for two local High School Basketball and Wrestling Programs.

Cody has been working with CrossFit Weightlifting since 2010 and has over 16,000 coaching hours. He currently leads Courses in the Northwest as well as around the world including Australia and Asia.
Sarah Griffin
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer | Gym Manager
Sarah is on a journey to become the woman she was destined to be. Sarah joined CrossFit Advantage in 2013 and fell in love. Everything she thought she knew about health and fitness was blown out of the water. She began to realize that she didn't want to be skinny, she wanted to be FIT. Over the next few years she would reprogram her diet, nutrition, and exercise on a mission to transform her life. Her journey to live a healthier life began to extend beyond the walls of the gym and into her career, relationships, faith and long term goals.

In 2016 Sarah left her corporate office job to pursue her passion of CrossFit. She started working at CFA and interning to become a coach. Sarah hopes to inspire others through her personal story and blog. She truly enjoys every moment at the gym, encouraging others while working toward her personal fitness goals.
Foster Hill
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Foster is a passionate learner and believes that we should never stop learning. More specifically, he's passionate about gaining knowledge and developing skills, and then sharing what he's learned with others. His favorite questions are “why?” and “how?” because he's always striving to gain better insight and understanding. Foster believes that doing and then teaching something is the truest test of knowledge.

When it comes to CrossFit, Foster has had amazing results physically, mentally, and emotionally. The opportunities to grow as a coach and as a person are not finite, and continue to present opportunities for growth. Foster's CrossFit knowledge grows daily, and he became a coach to share that knowledge with others.
Robert Croot
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
First and foremost, Robert is the father of three active, amazing, mischievous kids. Robert has been involved in CrossFit since 2011. Robert says this is a sport that has completely changed the way he interacts with the world, from people to activities to nutrition. He even goes as far as to say that CrossFit has made him a better father.

In 2012, Robert started coaching in hopes of helping others have the same positive experience he had. When Robert is not in the gym, he spends his time goofing off with his kids, laughing as much as possible, and engaging in whatever shenanigans are available to him at the time.
Dr. Jim Shepherd
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer | Physical Therapist
Jim's initial exposure to CrossFit was treating injured athletes in his clinical practice as a physical therapist. From the other side of the fence he witnessed the proverbial fire that burns inside each athlete. Jim admired the devotion and commitment they were making to live a healthy lifestyle, especially as members of a society that is in a continuous struggle to find a healthier way to live. His curiosity eventually got the better of him and he started CrossFit in 2014. His only regret is that he wished he had done it sooner.

As a coach who has extensive background knowledge and experience with movement, biomechanics and rehabilitation of injuries, Jim brings a unique perspective to the table when he coaches or teaches the mobility class. Blending his perspective with being a CrossFit athlete lets him see potential movement faults and injuries from both sides. He sees it, he gets it and he is committed to helping each athlete become a better version of themselves while protecting their longevity and ability to continue to CrossFit for years to come.
James Kim
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
James has always lived an active lifestyle. In high school he played football before getting into Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts. James trained in and coached Muay Thai for about 5 years under Kru Dilbert and Arjon Chai.

After stepping away from the MMA scene, James found CrossFit and fell in love with the sport. James has been involved in CrossFit for three years, and coaches at CrossFit Advantage on a regular basis.
Brian Hill
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Playing sports and being active has been in Brian's blood for as long as he can remember. From basketball to BMX and weightlifting to wake boarding, he enjoys them all. Looking for something to keep those competitive juices following and to challenge himself physically following high school, he found CrossFit. In 2008 Brian joined Cody Looney at CrossFit Advantage and started coaching there soon after. Brian also enjoys the competitive side of CrossFit and has been a part of CrossFit Advantage's 2010, 2013 & 2014 Regional Teams.

Brian loves the challenges CrossFit puts you through everyday. Seeing and helping people over come those challenges and other obstacles in there lives through CrossFit is what keeps him coming back to the gym everyday.
Kyle Amaya
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
Kyle Amaya played College Football for two years before suffering a career ending shoulder injury. Following his Football career he coached High School Football, which is when he was first introduced to CrossFit. Kyle worked out in a home gym for 9 months before moving to Mukilteo, WA and finding CrossFit Advantage. Kyle has been coaching at CFA since 2011. He's happily married and enjoys hiking with his wife Megan and his Italian Mastiff, Roman. Kyle also enjoys golfing an intense game of ping pong.
dr. mike baginski
Physical Therapist
Prior to starting CrossFit, Mike was searching for a fitness program for long term health and wellness. He spent years dabbling with weight lifting, marathon running and cycling but always led to physical plateaus, apathy and repetitive injuries. In his search for something new, Mike first tired in CrossFit in 2009 and was immediately hooked with everything it had to offer. During that same time, Mike was starting his career as a physical therapist. By being able to train himself and treat CrossFit athletes early on helped him to specialize in manual orthopedics and sports rehab.

Mike brings his clinical and CrossFit knowledge when teaching Mobility class to help athletes address specific movement faults for injury prevention and optimal performance. His passion is in educating and finding solutions so everyone can stay active for a lifetime.
Robert Whitney
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Robert has been member of CrossFit Advantage for the since 2011. About a year after joining CFA, he found his love for coaching. Robert enjoys coaching the Wolfpack Weightlifting class, encouraging them to perform at their best and achieve goals they once thought were impossible. He also enjoys competing at local CrossFit competitions. He's participated in six competitions over the past few years and can't wait to get more under his belt. One of Robert's favorite things about the CrossFit community is the camaraderie between the athletes of all gyms all over the world. He enjoys dropping in at other gyms and getting to know other athletes.

When Robert is not in the gym, he's spending time with his wife Melissa and their two kids, Jordynn and Luke. They also have a bit of a "zoo" that includes a dog, cat, turtle and four chickens. Robert and Melissa believe in living an active lifestyle and take pride in their nutrition. Robert enjoys cooking for his family and following the Paleo diet. When they aren't at home, they're traveling together, camping, hiking and being outdoors. For the past three years Robert has coached his son's Little League team and also participates on a Men's Softball and a co-ed Kickball team.
Tia flournoy
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
At a young age, Tia found herself heavily involved in sports. Of those sports, Softball was her favorite, which she played throughout high school and college. In 2005 Tia decided to try a new sport in Rugby. Rugby was a great fit and quickly deemed her new favorite sport. At that time, her Rugby coach encouraged her to try some new training techniques which sounded a little strange at first. He insisted she come to team workouts in his garage, which had been converted into a gym. Tia then realized that she was attending her first CrossFit class! Immediately Tia fell in love with the sport. Similar to when she first tried Rugby, something just clicked. She loved all the movements, strategies, and the team environment. In 2006 Tia became a trainer coaching fellow Rugby players in a team setting. Now over a decade later, Tia is still learning new techniques, meeting new people, and engaging in CrossFit related activities. Teaching others to be fit, safe, and live a healthier lifestyle continues to fire her up everyday!
Harry Beresford
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Harry considers himself the “old” guy at the gym. He never thought he’d be that guy, but he honestly embraces it, enjoys it, and has fun with it. Harry brings the work hard, play hard, but mostly have fun attitude to CFA. Having been raised playing competitive sports throughout his life up through college, Harry really loves his involvement in CrossFit. Whether it’s working as an individual or a team, CrossFit has it all. It's the times when competition is high that Harry enjoys CrossFit the most. Even though it’s friendly competition, it brings out the best in him (unless it's gymnastics). Harry feels that CrossFit has made him a better family man. He has the energy to keep up with his wife and three kids. He believes that it sets a great example for them to stay busy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. But most of all, being active in CrossFit justifies enjoying a cold beer at the end of the week.
matthew benedix-forester
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Matt grew up playing team sports like basketball, football and soccer. He also wrestled and has coached wrestling. Matt has been doing CrossFit since 2010 and coaching with CFA since 2012.
jason conover
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Jason truly believes that life is a team sport. He originally started coming to CrossFit classes for self-improvement, but it was the community that kept him coming back. As an athlete, Jason loves that the coaches seem truly invested in seeing him become the best version of himself. As a coach, Jason gets the opportunity to give that back. He is amazed by the positive changes people can make in their own lives with an hour of hard work and a take-control mentality.
tina agoo
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Tina is a Seattle native, UW alumni, and married with two kids. Tina rarely participated in sports growing up, but has always enjoyed fitness and staying active. Before CrossFit she tried a plethora of things to stay in shape. "Globo" gyms, workout videos, running, yoga, boot camps, etc. She even joined a few rec. softball and volleyball leagues, but didn't find her stride until CrossFit came along. Some of Tina's college friends had their own box (gym), and in 2012 Tina experienced her first WOD (workout of the day). She stuck with it, and after three months of training she was hooked. She remembers it being hard as heck, but kept going and slowly started to make small accomplishments. In 2014, Tina and her family moved to Mill Creek, WA and she has been at CFA ever since. Tina received her CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification in September 2015 is ready to put it to work!
josh buirge
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Josh is a southern California transplant who grew up skateboarding, snowboarding and wakeboarding. As time went on he slowly moved away from board sports and tried different activities to satisfy his fitness needs. After completing a couple sprint triathlons and many early Sundays riding a bike around Snohomish county, he realized that those sports weren't for him. He wasn't sure what he needed until he walked into CrossFit Advantage! He was instantly hooked on the positive intensity that everyone in the gym had and the immediate community of athletes and coaches that surrounded him. He's competed with Wolfpack Weightlifting in local meets and qualified as a masters for the American open series. Josh spent a lot of years making the wrong choices in his life and CrossFit changed his outlook on health, fitness and longevity in ways that he never would have thought. He pursued coaching as a way to help people have the same experience. He hopes to share his use of CrossFit and weightlifting to bring out the best in people, to help them achieve their greater potential and more. Watching the excitement and pride an athlete has when they hit a new PR or milestone drives him to learn as much as he can about coaching, to give them the best experience possible. He's a very proud family man who loves the life that he's been able to live. 
jenna gracey
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Jenna always loved exercise and competition. Growing up, she played many sports, but mainly focused on gymnastics. In 2011, Jenna found CrossFit Advantage, which immediately began changing her perspective on health and fitness. In 2012 Jenna began competing in CrossFit and placed 8th in the North West Region. In 2013 she placed 10th as an individual in the South Central Region. In 2014 she competed as part of a team, and qualified for a trip to the CrossFit Games.

After moving back to the North West Region in 2015, Jenna placed 26th overall, and in 2016 moved up to 6th place overall. Today, Jenna continues to train, and loves the way CrossFit continues to challenge her as an athlete. Jenna believes wholeheartedly in what CrossFit can do for people, to improve their level of fitness and overall quality of life.
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