Strict Pull-up Progression, Whether You Have Them Or Not!

pull up progression

In This Episode

We’re going to cover the STRICT pull-up! We want to emphasize that having the strength for 5 or more strict pull-ups is ideal before adding the dynamic skill of the kip.

  • We show you some set ups you can use to get away from band assisted pull-ups.
  • Use these in workouts and on their own to build strength in the whole movement!
  • SAFETY FLASH – Notice the barbells we have on the rig are well secured using either bands or straps. Safety first!

Check out Coach Jim’s active hang in his setup and how he maintains this body position through the entire movement! Beautiful!!

Even if we have strict pull-ups, we can always aim to be more virtuous in all of our gymnastics movements.


Jason Conover
By: Jason Conover, CFA Coach

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